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The series of Nancy Drew's,Sidney Sheldon's and Sherlock Holmes had rather created a profound impact on my thrist for subtle clues and unseen circumsances,Oh!!I was more than startled to learn that they were mere fictitious characters and all that i have read were just manifesations of the writers imagination..(HELL!!)

It all started with a phone call from a long lost friend of mine.As usual my identification skills of male voices over the phone had always been disappointing,often been a laughing stock for the one on the other side,the unfortunate guy here too enjoyed gofing around,flirtatiously winning over me.To make it more clear,I shall name him Mr.X...Shrewd as he was,I have the least idea why he found me a susceptible prey he played very well, every moment , anonymously extracting information from a moron called ME!!

Days passed by and seeds of doubt started sprouting slowly and gradually.The anticlimax occured when my original friend who I had supposed to be Mr.X in disguise rang in for a pep talk.A surge of adrenalin ran up my nerves,a feeling of disgust,of insult of being fooled around with..the same sense of insult and shame I had gone through when a school bully had pushed a bench and i had fallen flat with my face down with all dirty kids laughing at me,but then it was not too long before the bully had my nails on his face,leaving behind a scar which he upholds even today.I verified almost thrice and learnt to my disbelief that the Mr.X i had been talking to all the while was a stranger who was in disguise to be my friend.I had already stepped into the DANGER ZONE by revealing to a complete stranger my information,and to make things worse I had even arranged a meeting with him on the very next day.

It had been a sleepless night.I was to be attending a marraige the next day,obviously i wouldnt like to go in there with puffed up look and drooping eyes.I forced to sleep planning in detail every step to be cautious as to not to come into contact with my unwelcomed guest.With darknes all around me and before i sank into a deep slumber i made up my mind,It was the most couragous decision of my life,that i would not spare this stalker no matter what the consequences maybe.I resolved with all my might to fight it out,and if possible pay him back well enough so that no girl shall be a victim and be lured into any unforgiving act.

The next morning greeted me with a warmness and coolness that still kindled the spark in me glowing,ever ready to achieve what i had planned for,i never breathed a word to anyone except to a few of my close buddies(anu and shirley,two souls who were destined to be my roomates for four long years) who had very well discouraged me,for they knew i always was the kind who got my self into deepshit trouble,mostly because i knew they would be there to pull me out.

Unfortnately my meeting with Mr.X did not happen as i had planned it to occur,well destiny must have chalked it out ot occur in a dramatic way.Thank my stars,the initial disappointment raged me still further,and the first step was to go back home and inform my mom.Though i was aware of the consequence of having told my mom,but the very fact of just having told her was enough to render me all strength and support to keep going,i knew my mom was always with me,like a constant source of courage and confidence throughot my life.As usual she resissted my actions but i was determined to make him pay the price and i eventually succeded,to my surprise though!!!

The first step was to find out Ms.Sreelekha I.P.S ,the one woman cop i had alwasys looked up to.But i had neither a contact nor a clue to know where to get her contact number from.Well,after a series of not so friendly conversations witha couple of cops of various stations in Kottayam and Erakulam,lady luck had found me with cop at EKM south,who was kind enough to give me a number that had belonged to a telephonic service know as the KIND STOP CALL,which was first introduced by Ms.Sreelekha.As he had said,all i needed was just to call up the number and register my complaint which would be directly forwarded to the DYSP of the district I had belonged to.After a couple of practices I gathered up guts to call up the DYSP and prepare hell for the arrival of the privileged Mr.X...

Mr.Nirmalan(I.P.S) was the DYSP of PALA,under which Kaduthuruthy had belonged to.He was kind enoough to listen patiently to me and even called me back to give me tips as to how to proceed with Mr.X's arrest.He talked to me with a fatherly tome,and i was controlling my biological urges to visit the loo everytime he gave me a call and we chalked up the plans..As i planned it through I was even forced to skip a days class to make it happen, and i waited patiently with the greed of that of a vulture to feast on my prey!!!

The final day arrived,i decked up and tried to appear attractive,I have never been friendly with rouges and lipsticks,for the first time i had to look appealing enough for which i took upto an our to set myself up inorder to lure my prey..Having hopped into a threewheeler,i requested the driver to take a longer route that would not take me throught the main route of the city for my prey might spot me move into the police station.He dropped me at a rubber factory and i had discovered a short cut to the station throught tall busshes and grasses,the only worry that haunted me was if it would ruin my makeup i had applied with a lot of effort.

The final destination was reached, and the constables greeted me with a sense of disgust,they smirked at the sight of a silly girl like me and that led the already infuriated me to ring up the DYSP for futher help,by then Mr.Vinod who was the officer in charge(not in his uniform)appeared and enquired what the problem was.After having repeated the entire plan of action and a long chat over the phone with the DYSP,he and his colleague decided to help me out...It wasnt long before Mr.X gave me his final call and he was right there at the entrance..hardly realising that the stage was set for his arrest rather than a romantic candlelight lunch as i had promised to offer....(pls read on)


Unknown said…
a female is always fe- male i.e, inferior male ,remeber that always
Unknown said…
Thankyou anand!!!you have finally approved females as those who makes males inferior..Atleast..the wars for the world was on lands and ladies..DUH!!!

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