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The Avenging Angel

She wears Jeans, she carries a stem gun which she can use with great accuracy. She was oppressed by the Thakurs who insulted her feminity. On feb 14th she gathered her gang of men and shot down all the thakurs avenging the fire that was blistering within her..

But here the question is, how many women turn Bandit queens avenging the rage and vengeance they hold within?? and how many sigh at their fate in silent diligence??

This was the story and fate of one woman of India, the country that worships godesses, epitomises the nation to a mother and chants sayings of Manusmriti, the scrpits depicting female bondage ..the writers intentions was different..the essential essence of the scripts and epics of the great indian heritage being manipulated to satisfy the male chauvinist punks..

"Pitha rakshathi Kaumaree"

"Bharthre rakshathi yauvanee"

"Puthra rakshthi vaardhakyaa"

"Na sthree swathanthriya marhati"

If one gathers the wits and guts to watch the movie&qu…