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The first DNA that was formed missed to pair with a lot of codons, the gene that coded for intelligence, perfection and humour and maybe much more. Little knowing what the DNA had missed it went on replicating, transcripting and translating to form little protein molecules called me...

I was then a hazy sheath floating in what seemed like a perpetual suspension.I was all immersed in darkness not knowing what light looked like.. I was happily feeding on the carbohydrates served by the tube that attached to my belly..I called the tube "mom"

Sometimes I felt mom didnt know what she was eating, i just kept blotting up..growing bigger and heavier each day..the space wasnt enough..I just needed more room..

I ended up up being restless,that wasnt just could i be denied space???MOM..the defence i knew to raise attention was movement..and then i would feel a warmth..a warmth of her hand that told" I am here"

I thought how mom would be like..Will she be like the liquid…


When Kabir Khan indicated the final stroke to Vidya Sharma it was a voice that had spoken to him..Was it logic tht worked, was it a trend analysis he wroked out that told him what to do was his inner voice tat had spoken...All he did was to communicate and lo and behold...THE MATCH WAS WON

We often fail to connect to this inner voice that speaks to us..But unfortunately even if it speaks we are conditioned by virtue of our education to think in reason, think in terms of cause and effect..avoid this voice..ignore this doing soo we lose the power of intuition..

Thinking doesnt widen your horizon of knowledge..How can one think about something that does not construction can be completed without a foundation...But at times ideas strikes out of nothing...when the mind is at peace..when it is vacuum..allow that strike to affect..

I have alway been tagged by my brother "genetically deprived of logic", well u know..i am pretty happy about it...If…

Interview Jitters !!

It was deadly.I harboured a volcano within me while all smiling all the way greeting people in silent oblivion. Dreadly, because i had only three chances to crack an interview and find my way into the corporate world, two chances already having been exhausted, i had very little time and above all hardly any tolerance to survive in the heat of the tempering going on in the temple of learning called 'Sadhana'..I had to run, I knew as far and fast as i could..Else my survival would be in question...

I had faced it all, I had been preparing all six years for a leap into the pharma world..eyeing out for an international opening,only to sink into the years that I had savoured during my years of growing.Those days of Cheese burgers and Coke's would be back once again, and I could happily slip into my pair of old jeans gainnig all the kilos and calories I had lost in the course of my Graduation.

My second interview was flawless, unlike the first where a red eyed interviewer(…