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Shankar's Coffee

Shankar's Coffee

He was expressionless, cold and never cared for a genuine smile. He was an embodiment of an average middle class youth wringed by the clutches of the so called traditions and rituals to enter into a marital relationship he quite didnt want to.What he despised was the monotony of life he would seal himself in and the unwritten protocol of a married man he was expected to adhere to.The world around called him Sankar.

She was a typical middle class girl, born into a family who waited to see her married off from t he time she wailed for the first time. All she heard in her growing years where do's and dont's she was expected of as a good homemaker and how the hand that rocks the cradle could rule the world.She tore herself away with much grief from the old rusted theories and got her self educated from one of the leading universities in Madurai. Much less to enter the most anticipated phase of her life - Marriage. She called herself Bhadra.

It was three months af…