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Hunger Pangs

Throughout my four year stint at an engineering college hostel in Kerala it was that night I recall vividly with a flavour I have been associated since Age 10. The taste of Maggi Masala.

A flashback – 6th Semester, Biotechnology and biochemical Engineering

It all started when my dearest nocturnal room mate developed a craving for Maggi. The only luxury we were entitled to was the non-veg that was served to us during weekends. The lack of a stove facility and the ban on the use of kettles and electric heaters made it remotely impossible for us to have fulfill the sudden urge for our favorite Indian noodles - Maggi !!

We were lost in a world of equations, formula’s , derivations; creativity not to mention had reached a stand still. But our craving knew no boundaries and we began exploring every possible option to cook. We considered sneaking into the hostel mess, but having adorned with he title AGS (Asst General Secretary) just a few weeks ago, I quite didn't want to take the risk.…