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Blogging beckons!

Place - Kaduthuruthy
Date - 7th September 2010

Am back to blogging after what seems like almost a decade.I almost lost track the last time I decided to blog, my first post was during the retail marketing lecture at 7 am!!

Life has taken quite an interesting tangent now.Up on time at 6:30 am and off for work in an over crowded bus.The journey is worth while for the roller coaster ride from Kaduthuruthy to Ernakulam, the spiral roads and not to mention the potholes and the loud mallu songs.I have matured to an acrobatic specialist hanging on to my dear life, my laptop bag and my Nokia E63(leave aside the mallu expletives)!!

Weekends are bland.Saturday nights are no more booze n gossip nights..An overworked me crawl up the stairss and crash on my king size bed wishing Monday would never come soon..Mom never fails to fix up a meeting with some of the prospective so called 'would be's on Sundays..As they rave and rant about their 'ancestral property' and familyhood all I ca…