Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My haunted habitat

Some call it haunted, or even possessed, whatever the fact be it, I had made up my mind to see a ghost! Wish they were the tall, dark and handsome prototypes!!

It was a stray article in the technopark today and the informal buzz that got me curious and thinking. We had recently moved into a new office location which many call it to be haunted. There was hardly any logic to convince rather satisfy my very challenged grey cells. Some say the systems shut down without a reason, the lift gets hold at the 13th floor with no offices having occupied the floor, and the occurrence of funny sounds from the dense forest at the back gate.

It could either be a lift malfunction, a voltage fluctuation or a faulty electric line or maybe even the winds blowing through the shoots. Thanks to the rumor, the intellectually stimulated homosapiens occupying the leela infopark have become exceptionally sharp to those signs of the nature and the obvious occurrence’s which were otherwise ignored. What’s even more perplexing is that the so called best breeds have believed the presence of a supernatural power in the campus which has literally no rationale behind the same. Is this what hypocrisy is all about?

My journey towards the discovery began with a very stressed out day at work. I was off to the back gate with my dear E63 hoping to take a good shot if the charming ghost happened to pass by. I walked all the way to the pond – ‘Hymavathy pond’-which is said to be the dumpage area for missing cases much before technopark was born. The water was calm concealing whatever lay below; be it the lonely skeletons or even the harmless floating algae..

On my way back home, I paused to click a few snaps hoping to capture something atleast which would barely resemble a ghost.All I could see was a bustle of traffic, technocrats rushing home from work, localite’s walking to ‘god knows where’, their faces had the same calmness as the Hymavathy lake; cleverly concealing their fear or maybe even the tiring struggle for the bare existence!!

If the ghost is an IT literate, or is familiar of the free publicity on the web (thanks to the online technopark news forum),if he/she/it happens to read this post ; this is all I have to say.

Dear Ghost (I don’t know your name, pardon me if I am being rude),
‘I don’t know how you exist. Well if you are the kinds who became a ghost after having worked hard through college by bunking classes and bagging endless supplimentaries and still have landed up in a decent job which gives you loads of free time for skype chats, sodexo passes and loose gossips; I bet you deserve all this attention you are getting for free. There are ghosts who can walk, talk and do many more around me as well, but invisible exceptional’s like you make the most intellectual and rationale beings to think. You make them pause with an emotion far from oblivion! You get the bored techno-geeks comment about you on the forum even when their boss’s breathe down their neck for the deliverables. You made the nerdish lot sneak a peek into the bountiful green even during a busy scrum meeting. All the more, you’ve made them think there is more to which is unknown than which has already been known. Wow! That’s what real ghosts are like, time for a snap! Now ‘smile’!! CLICK!

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