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630 + and counting....

Yes, 630 is the number of rape cases reported in the year 2011- 2012. Am not complaining, but shadowed by a looming fear, of a social insecurity, of being the scapegoat time and again, the victim is always the woman. 

 Born into a cardinal world of do’s and don’ts, of female infanticides, of dowry deaths, of rapes and harassments, I cannot help, but fret over the fate of a woman who never accepted defeat. Her helpless pleas, her struggles of undying power, the fear in her eyes as she writhed in pain. The hunger in their soul less eyes to tear her apart saw neither her pain nor did they hear her pleas. My empathy fills me with a fervour, a helplessness which brings me back to blogging again.

 ‘We don’t think she got into a public transport bus.’ as stated by the PCR official (A woman). 

 ‘We shall see to it that their licence is cancelled’ is another statement of a public figure, (also a woman) in power. After being brutally raped, beaten following a grotesque case of molestation, is it their licence to drive which is to be cancelled or their mere licence to live?

 “We will act upon only if we are reported about a case which comes to us” says an official at a nearby PCR where a reporting journalist got eve teased by a passer-by. Does this mean the officials turn a blind spot to the incidents which occur right before their eyes? 

 They would frame better answers if the victim was a Minister’s daughter. We would see the police force on fire then.

 “I don’t know where my son is. I am shocked after seeing him on TV. Please proceed as per the law’ says a frail and unfortunate mother of the eve teaser. Here, the woman stands up for another woman.

 The media may rake over the story several times, until the TRP hits the slab, like all stories this may also wither and die. 

 With all these rape stories which rattles India, I can hear men and old hags ask their women in the comfort of their living room, “ Why did she leave at this hour?”, “She must have worn a provocative outfit?”, “She must have been with her boyfriend?” the convict here is not the rapist but the raped. Wish those woman had the gall to snort back with, “Your stupidity provokes me to kick across where it all starts from”!! Talk about provocation! Case justified. 

 Girl gets molested after leaving a pub in Guwahati. Girl gets shot as she leaves for work at midnight, girl raped as she takes a public transport at 11 pm. Does these circumstances tag her to be promiscuous or deserve sexual violence? 

It leaves to wonder if these rapists are born out of a womb of that of a woman. What do their mothers teach them about the opposite gender? Did they grow up watching their mothers abused continually or use physical violence as a weapon of power?

 Do we have solutions to this increasing menace.. 

  •  Can the media give the same importance to news of punishment it gives the rape victim? 
  •  Can the rape cases be transferred to fast track special court in event of brutal killings, rape and attempt to murder?
  •  Can there be a special squad of proactive police force which operates on a daily reporting target?
  •  Can there be a special TV programme dedicated to air cases of punishment, trial and reporting of sexual violence? 
  •  Can gender equivalence be included in our curriculum? 
 Can I dream of a land where I can take a stroll on a chilly December night, feel the wind through my hair, unnerved and fearful of hands that stretch to grope me in the dark? A land where we worship goddesses stumping over heinous rakshasas, where evil wins over righteousness, I hope she emerges out from this trial of fire. No one rapes the soul out of a fighter woman. My heart and prayers goes out to her.


Palak said…
So true!!!
Its a Shame, We just keep wondering when thing will improve... its sad though, the only thing that seems changing is the way people deal with it and then again forget such incidents and move on...

Good job, Sreeja....very well written
anjana said…
There are more serious disease inside this social behaviour. Check the backgrounds of the culprits. It's shocking realisation that this is a socio-psychological issue. The ones in slums or the ones who are brought up with so much limitations and mis-interpretations of women as a silent home maker or streetwalker who are bound to be dominated by men. I guess it's the same psychology of the so called moral police. Provided a chance I'm sure they would also attempt rape as a punishment to the girl. Above all, the crowd behaviour which takes the gang to the extremes of sadism.
Chastity begins at home. In a society where home itself is not safe for a girl's body, wonder how the govt can bring a radical change by a law. 75% of the rape news are hot topics because of the sense of curiosity or strange pleasure lying inside the subconscious. Not because of the empathy for the victim.
It is a chronic psychological illness that transform them to barbarians. TIt is deeprooted in the society since ages.Rare cases come out.he beast is within every single person. It depends on how one is trained to tame it.
Unknown said…
Anjana - Absolutely true, but should we not forget the world class people in our hometown and metros like Kochi where women get harassed as she traveled late at night..the offenders were auto drivers and general public and were not from slums..Talk about male superiority complex which stems from a deep rooted inferiority complex which arises when confronted with sexually aware women!

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