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My divine 'affair'

For one brief and beautiful sliver in time, I had empathized with a steel woman in the Hindu Mythology. The fiery 'Durga', powerful and fearless. She invoked in me a sense of rebellion which had a 'transformational' effect on my character.

To me, she was a symbol of power and prowess. Her intolerance of being mistreated spoke volumes of her persona. As a young girl who was being told that she was being too bold, or that she laughs out too loud, I had every reason to identify with her aggression. (Not to mention my secret desire to punch all chauvinists in their face).

As a child, all the goddess themed movies I was exposed to, only fueled my blind & bloated admiration. I watched wide eyed as the immaculate goddess slayed the heinous demons and Rakshasas. The unstoppable fierceness used to send shivers as I sat there glued to the TV.Well, I may be categorized  a rare species here, but my fascination with characters of female dominance does not end there. Well lets just call it a divine feminist inspiration, but what I see is a true portrayal of free spirited woman true to her very existence.

This bare chested goddess celebrates her sexuality.She assumes 1000 hands form to combat the unrestrained male aggression being hurled at her from all directions. The 'mousy' me recognized the almost 'Invisible' fierceness that lay submerged. The force that awakened me to the clash of her swords, the wave of her tresses, the depth in her eyes, her sensuous form, alas, I find in her the legitimacy and recognition I was always in search of.


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When I became a cover girl :)

Yes, that's me you see on the cover of that magazine..Wait before you drop that jaw - drop it for Seematti and the brand master Beena Kannan. The mastermind behind this brilliant market outreach campaign,

Well, it all started with inviting applicants for a makeover session. It looked harmless to me; if I get lucky, I get a free makeover. That's the deal. Easy Peasy. So off I go!
A week later, I receive a call from the Seematti, asking if I received a copy of the magazine. And then, this little surprise reaches by courier to my address, lo and behold, I find myself on the cover page of Seematti Ensemble - A fashion magazine featuring a fashion shows, some glitz, and some bling here and there.
It turns out, photographs of all shortlisted applicants - (Don't ask me the criteria) were printed as a cover page and have them couriered to them. Am no aspiring model, but trust me, It did feel great to have my face out there.
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Memories of a distant past

This post is dedicated to all goofy kids (like me) who spent a good deal of our teens in the Middle East. Growing up in an alien land did subject us to speculation by our native counterparts. Especially during the 30 - 60 day vacation when Kerala is at her exotic best. The ravishing monsoons.

15 years later, I am a few months away to hitting 30, and fat enough to roll down a spiral memory lane. The days where I counted my days to the much awaited vacation of the year,  my romance with the Kerala monsoons, my love for the bright orange sticky sweet and my distaste for tagging me Non-Resident Indian. Being an NRI was not a matter of choice and I never felt any less than being a true blue Indian.

A few bite sized memory portions to chew by
In contrast to the glossy poster campaigns by Kerala tourism that you see today, my memories of Kerala was filled with monsoons and the uninvited guests that came with it. The jumbo mosquito's, the power cuts and the Hartals. It was nothing like a …

Our caricature invite

Event invites, program invites, press conference invites..!! Have done a zillion or more invites during the course of my role in marketing communication. Tables turned,weddings bells ringing and its my turn of creating an invite, with zero brief, zero designers and minimum budget. The creative freedom is ultimately mine, the 'approver' is none but me (Did take my fiance's inputs as well :P).. We needed an innovative invite, an invite which held our identity..I had done my caricatures for free by a caricature artist at a shopping mall in Trivandrum. I got two caricatures done in different poses and finalized on a movie theme (My fiance being an ardent movie fan, we settled in for this one). The words were his and the layout was mine. Thanks to Bill Gates for the updated powerpoint features, the invite was designed effortlessly with zero skills in using illustrator and photoshop. Image courtesy - William (Send in you requests to Layout courtesy - &…