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'Don't eat that. It's clay!' - Interview featured On Dashing Journal

Don’t eat that! It’s clay! BY  · MAY 5, 2014 Shilpa Mitha is a sound engineer by profession and a clay artist by passion. True to her name, Shilpa, meaning ‘perfectly created’ is a true embodiment of the art she embraces, to her heart’s content. In short, Shilpa makes much more than just food miniatures, she creates clay food that makes you go hungry. Her works create an insatiable appetite for all food sinful, leaving you hungry for more. In a candid conversation with SreejaRaveendran, Shilpa reveals what got her into this dream world of clay, food miniatures, online craft groups and more. What got you pulled in to clay modelling? How did you realise you were good at it? My very first attempt at clay modelling was a failure. I backed out of it in half an hour. And soon, I tried experimenting with quilling and used to make quilled 3 D miniatures of bikes, piano and make up kits. Friends did play a pivotal role in bringing me to this profession. Since I had quit my full …

'Taking the plunge' - Interview featured on Dashing Journal.

‘Taking the plunge’ BY  · MAY 3, 2014 Malayalam cinema has undoubtedly woken up to the throes of a new movement. A movement trail blazed by new age directors who are imaginative, un-stoppable and daring to go beyond the obvious. After a decade- long career in marketing, debutant director Ajith Pillai wields the directorial baton, as he takes the plunge with ‘MosayileKuthirameenukal’, poised to hit the screens this month. The characters in the movie are played by Kollywood’s leading actors like Swati Reddy and Janani Iyer alongside Asif Ali and Sunny Wayne from Molly wood. Shot in the scenic locales in Andaman ,Lakswadeep and Cochin, the movie is all set for release by this month. Excerpts from an exclusive interview to Dashing Journal. Going from a career in marketing to film-making, where did you begin? Was there a glass ceiling? If you are passionate about something, you will find means to make it work. Then there is this critical factor called timing. The industry wa…