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Doing the run!

I hated sports. In fact I hated any form of activity that needed physical agility, aggression and competition. I can't remember how long I have been this way. The sports day during school was uneventful. My javelins used to fall flat. My short-puts drops right below my nose and the PT teacher says 'position change' even before I start serving during throw ball.
But I was always there. Never bunked a PT class ever. I would stand in awe and watching my friends win medals after medals. I would cheer for the house till I went out of breath.. And I knew it, long before anyone could. I just didn't have it in me!
And then, one fine day, I wanted to know, how it felt like to run. And what propels me to this drastic step? My ever increasing waist line!

It was a stray poster that announced about a 3 km fun run for cancer awareness. I got hold of a buddy (who was also a first timer like me) and went for the kill!

It was a morning run. 5 am's are unusual hours for the late ri…