Monday, November 2, 2015

Doing the run!

I hated sports. In fact I hated any form of activity that needed physical agility, aggression and competition. I can't remember how long I have been this way. The sports day during school was uneventful. My javelins used to fall flat. My short-puts drops right below my nose and the PT teacher says 'position change' even before I start serving during throw ball.

But I was always there. Never bunked a PT class ever. I would stand in awe and watching my friends win medals after medals. I would cheer for the house till I went out of breath.. And I knew it, long before anyone could. I just didn't have it in me!

And then, one fine day, I wanted to know, how it felt like to run. And what propels me to this drastic step? My ever increasing waist line!

It was a stray poster that announced about a 3 km fun run for cancer awareness. I got hold of a buddy (who was also a first timer like me) and went for the kill!

It was a morning run. 5 am's are unusual hours for the late riser like me. We were at the venue all geared up, in our sponsored T-shirts, goody bags with water bottles and a banana.
Why the banana? Because bananas are power houses of energy!

And off we went, rolling our way on the marathon track. It looked easy at first, I felt the chillness of breeze as I pushed myself against the wind. I felt strong, in control and very light but, then, that did not last long. I was falling short of breath and had to slow down. The run softened to jogs and soon I found myself walking with a bunch of  'marathon walkers' .

Walking turned out to be as stressful as running was. We were under constant pressure to not fall far behind. We made up the distance by running until we were short of breath again. This is what I would call a 'semi-marathon'! Fighting all gasps, huffs and puffs, we pushed our way to the finish! 

A volunteer forced the medal round my head and smiled as she said, 'Well done!' I didn't know how my fellow runners felt about this, but I was thrilled. I was all grins, ear to ear, flashing my medal around like a 5 year old!

I really like this new phase. From being a sports averse person to indulging in milder version of athletics, I have come a long way. The key is to persist. To hold and say just a bit more to go.
In hurts at places I never knew existed, but I am definitely doing a 'semi-marathon' again. 
So now its 'Yay' to fitness!

My first run ever!

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Athira said...

Oh, I remember short put! I could never guess where it was going to fall and remember it once fell so close to where you were standing. And, throwball!! The sport I wanted to excel in but could not get the ball past the net unless I am standing right behind the net. Yay for you, doing the run!! I'm still hoping to do one in a few years.