Creative Indulgence

Ola! You are viewing a portrayal of my creative foray onto all possible medium. Be it acrylic, M-seal, flowers or even egg shells. I have tried them all.

My stint at interior decoration. These orange pom poms are made using tissue paper (gifted by my uncle in US - Ahem!). They are easy to make, and looks great in your living room.

Acrylic paintings of Durga, Ganesha and Lord Shiva. Dedicated to my darling Hubby for his undying support  and inspiration for bringing out the art in me.

This name plate has been made on plywood, m-seal and egg shells. Loved doing the egg shell mosaic. 

They made yummy omlettes, but be careful while emptying. I recommend these to be washed a couple of times and sun dried before painting. Position the shells on a pencil stand or any vertical model ensuring its tight and does not move. For finer designs, use a felt tipped pen.

The above painting was done for a friend upon request. The theme as you see it boundless passion.He felt the woman was insensitive and cold and love is forced on her. I felt she was weakened with passion and an overload of love her heart couldnt endure. Its art after all, perception differs from eye to eye!

This one's a rip off. A typical Bengali bride, the best I could do on a Friday morning at 4 am. A gift to my Bong buddy on his wedding. This masterpiece hangs in his bedroom wall in his house which is at the lost interiors of Ranaghat, Kolkata.

Err..This was a desperate attempt in creating a woman deprived of her identity. Her saree strewn over the tattered ground signifies an urge to liberation..She is pretentious, yearning for fulfillment.. Sumptuous curves though!

These are terracotta pots hand painted using acrylic colors. The pots are available in almost all metros and was gifted to me by a dear friend. Pretty good a pastime. A word of advice, make sure you apply a base color before going for intricate designs.

Onam is welcomed with a splash of colors,and the 'Athapookalam' says it all. After having shifted to Kerala in 2010, I never missed celebrating Onam with my family.As the custom has it, athapookalam is to be set for all ten days preceeding Thiruvonam, however I've managed to set a single Pookalam on the eve of Thiruvonam, a gigantic Pookalam set with the local wild flowers and weeds together with a few expensive geraniums from the market..

The acrylic work had received the most critics for boldness of attempt. The single stand alone symbol on the lower left says it all. For me, she is lost in a psychedelic euphoria of emotions, unable to find herself.

Mseal creations. Mseal is a wonderful medium for those who loved playing with clay dough as kids. I still have clay dough of different colors at home, but Mseal dries and sets unlike modelling clay. You have to be swift with moulding them into the desired shapes. TIP: Dab a little water on the creation to smoothen the surface. Use a pointed tool, like a toothpick to make patterns.

Some very amateur sketches


harimohan said...

Talented and creative ,enjoyed the blogs

sreeja raveendran said...

@harimohan Thankyou Sir. :)