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My haunted habitat

Some call it haunted, or even possessed, whatever the fact be it, I had made up my mind to see a ghost! Wish they were the tall, dark and handsome prototypes!!

It was a stray article in the technopark today and the informal buzz that got me curious and thinking. We had recently moved into a new office location which many call it to be haunted. There was hardly any logic to convince rather satisfy my very challenged grey cells. Some say the systems shut down without a reason, the lift gets hold at the 13th floor with no offices having occupied the floor, and the occurrence of funny sounds from the dense forest at the back gate.

It could either be a lift malfunction, a voltage fluctuation or a faulty electric line or maybe even the winds blowing through the shoots. Thanks to the rumor, the intellectually stimulated homosapiens occupying the leela infopark have become exceptionally sharp to those signs of the nature and the obvious occurrence’s which were otherwise ignored. What’s even…