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Our caricature invite

Event invites, program invites, press conference invites..!! Have done a zillion or more invites during the course of my role in marketing communication. Tables turned,weddings bells ringing and its my turn of creating an invite, with zero brief, zero designers and minimum budget. The creative freedom is ultimately mine, the 'approver' is none but me (Did take my fiance's inputs as well :P).. We needed an innovative invite, an invite which held our identity..I had done my caricatures for free by a caricature artist at a shopping mall in Trivandrum. I got two caricatures done in different poses and finalized on a movie theme (My fiance being an ardent movie fan, we settled in for this one). The words were his and the layout was mine. Thanks to Bill Gates for the updated powerpoint features, the invite was designed effortlessly with zero skills in using illustrator and photoshop. Image courtesy - William (Send in you requests to Layout courtesy - &…