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'Alimony' of matrimony

"I cannot pretend to be happy. This is not the life I wanted. I don't look forward to a promising tomorrow. I have become a victim bound to be perpetuating a social order. A meaningless institution of marriage".

She closed her yes and let his words sink in to the deep subcutaneous layers of her conscience. He was speaking the truth. the truth she feared ever since she entered matrimony.

An elaborate tea, a fleeting glance, a brief and stilted conversation on the expectations. Followed by a detailed match fixing of horoscopes. The matrimony was hence consecrated and she was sealed in.This according to her parents was quite enough to decide whether she chose the right person to live with for a lifetime. This was their idea of a foundation. The foundation for a lifetime commitment.

The wedding was over in all glory but the marriage never began. Days breezed by in a brief courtship licensed and sealed by law. He was free and spirited. A party animal let loose in an urban ju…