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The 'Dark' side of Life

Note: Dedicated to all my bullies who taught me to fight back and all others who has once condemned me on grounds of color.

Dark, wheatish, fair, medium fair, very fair and very very fair – here I am baffled at the racist categorization of the matrimony sites. I am to define myself to a shade which matches to the best of the given colors for a decent pick from a pool of the so called prospective grooms. Knowing well, the ‘dark’ segment will be rejected at the very initial screening, I chose the forbidden option to seal myself in.

Routing back to the ages where it first began, the faintest memory I can conjure is that of being bullied by the mean kids at pre-school. They argued about the existence of various shades of the color black (even if they exist), brown, browner and brownest. I was proved to be ‘deep brown’ after a careful comparison of my faber castell’s with my skin tone. As they left looking out to identify other ‘colored’ kids, it left me furious at myself for having been c…