Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Shortest Stories - Season 1

'The Shortest Stories' is a naive attempt inspired by the 140 character short story series.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

When I became a cover girl :)

Yes, that's me you see on the cover of that magazine..Wait before you drop that jaw - drop it for Seematti and the brand master Beena Kannan. The mastermind behind this brilliant market outreach campaign,

Well, it all started with inviting applicants for a makeover session. It looked harmless to me; if I get lucky, I get a free makeover. That's the deal. Easy Peasy. So off I go!

A week later, I receive a call from the Seematti, asking if I received a copy of the magazine. And then, this little surprise reaches by courier to my address, lo and behold, I find myself on the cover page of Seematti Ensemble - A fashion magazine featuring a fashion shows, some glitz, and some bling here and there.

It turns out, photographs of all shortlisted applicants - (Don't ask me the criteria) were printed as a cover page and have them couriered to them. Am no aspiring model, but trust me, It did feel great to have my face out there.

Call it people connect, brand connect and all that marketing mumbo jumbo, this one campaign just won me hands down!

Beena Kannan - You are a steel, my lady. Big Respect !

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Going mangoes!

What is common during summers, colored bright yellow, bleeds sweet honey with a velvety smooth finish. Mangoes! 

Nature has a way of invoking passion in the strangest ways. The ripe yellow tender mangoes at the road side stalls, the glazed cut fruit on life size hoardings, TV commercials with Katrina Kaif and a mango involved in a sensuous act! The lucky mango!

This marvelous fruit is everywhere. Teasing, tempting and inching you towards a guilty pleasure. Only to hope it wouldn't add layers of adipose to my imperfections.

Last summer, took me on a mango-licious ride, a challenge featuring 10 dishes with mangoes. This was my defense to mounting temperatures, constant power cuts and water crisis. 

Dedicated to all mango lovers out there, this post features recipes tried and tested successfully in my kitchen. The pictures are mine and the recipe courtesies listed from food bloggers from across the world. 

Mango Challenge 1 - The famous mango pudding

My first mango challenge was this sweet delectable mango pudding. Taming the china grass ratio was worse than learning algebra in school. Anyways, the pudding came out perfect. A dollop of honey just before serving adds to shine and glaze. Drool...

Much love and thanks to 4thsensecooking 

Mango Challenge 2 - The mango halwa

Sheer mango indulgence. She is desirous and sinful with loads of sugar. Simple and easy to make, but you gotta be strict with how many you plan on gobbling up in a day.

Much love and thanks to Curryworld 

Mango Challenge 3 - Mango mousse

Yea, I got lazy with this one and drizzled the cream all over. Mangoes with cream is a marriage made in heaven. Certainly a win, and yea, husband certified too!

Much love and thanks to vegrecipesofindia 

Mango Challenge 4 - Mango Pannacotta

The name sounds a little weird, but you just cannot miss this one. Its soft, creamy texture keeps you digging in till you smooth out the last bit.

Much love and thanks to Tarladalal 

Mango Challenge 5 - Mango pancakes

The good old pancake mom used to make with a gentle mango twist. Filled with ripe mango cubes and drizzled with honey, these make a perfect breakfast option.

Much love and thanks to Tarladalal 

Mango Challenge 6 - Mango icecream

Chilled home made mango ice cream is the best bet for the scorching summers. Made with completely natural ingredients, I didn't care much for the texture. Came out light, creamy and 'mangolicious'.

Much love and thanks to vegrecipesofindia

Mango Challenge 7 - Mango cake in a cup

I love microwave cakes. They are simple, easy and is done is just two minutes. Not the Maggi '2 min', I mean a real good two minutes and that's it. A sweet, super soft and moist cake, tastes best at 2 am.

 Much love and thanks to Fullscoops

Mango Challenge 8 - Mango slushie

I can drink gallons of sweet, thick mango slushie and still not be tired of it. Its thick and smooth and quenches your thirst in an instant. Sheer indulgence.

Much love and thanks to wikihow

Mango Challenge 9 - Mango barfi

Sweet and grainy and leaves with a tangy finish. Easy to cook and perfect for a 4 pm snack.

Much love and thanks to Tarladalal

Mango Challenge 10 - Mango Kulfi

A chilled kulfi on a hot summer afternoon, is like balm to a tortured soul. One bite of this, and you immerse into a flavor burst of sorts. Quick and easy, kulfis, the Indian ice cream shall always win down the western counterpart.

Much love and thanks to Tarladalal

Craving a mango? Go, spread some mango love!